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Club Badge

A club crest or badge has been present from the 1920's.

Below we show the crest and years that the crest was on the shirts.

We do not have all the crests so if you have a picture of a crest that is not below please contact us.



 Club Crest

2010 - Present day

This badge was the winner of a few logos designed by the fans. It was decide after a vote in the programme.

Notts County also played in a pure white kit with the special badge( right ) to show 100 years at Meadow Lane.


2009 - 2010Club Crest

This badge represented the ownership of Munto. The colour purple appeared to a Notts County crest for the first time with a more professional looking crest.

The two magpies moved to the top right corner with a Castle in the left corner and an H in the middle. This crest is now not so popular with the fans after Munto did a runner leaving the magpies in debt facing a winding up order.

This badge only lasted one season after the fans voiced there opion on the internet after Munto left the club.


2004 - 2009Club Crest 2004

This badge was the first to have the name Notts County on. The colour scheme was gold with two magpies sitting on a football.
The date 1862 moved to below the football. This was the last crest to use the same two magpies that first appeared in 1986.




1994 - 2004Club Crest 1994 - 2004

This emblem saw the first hint of colour on a Notts County crest with the yellow crest behind the magpies. This badge also saw the first time that the date 1862 was to be on the emblem




Club Crest 1986 - 199

1986 - 1994

This was the first time that two magpies were on the Notts crest. Maybe this was for luck but this emblem did take us through one of the most successful periods in Notts County`s history.




1977 - 1986Club Crest 1977 - 1986

The single magpie. This is the first emblem I can remember from following Notts. I picture it on the Adidas black and white kit.







This is the Nottingham crest that Notts wore during the 60`s






Club Crest 1950Late 1940's to early 1950's


A single magpie with a football behind with the initials in the crest




below are badges worn on the shirts but I do not now the dates for these badgeBadge





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